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Bagatelle is a French hospitality brand of luxury restaurants and beach clubs that celebrate the South of France’s joie de vivre and epicurean spirit. Welcome to the Bagatelle way of life. Bagatelle - where dining transforms into a vibrant celebration of life. Rooted in culinary artistry, our menus seamlessly blend French and Mediterranean flavors, with each dish crafted by our chefs using the finest ingredients. 


Our immersive restaurants, inspired by French aesthetics, feature stylish décor that creates visually stunning and inviting spaces. As time goes by, the ambiance transforms into lively hubs of celebration, with music and energy turning each venue into an unforgettable evening. 


Bagatelle offers a unique experience, maintaining distinctive charm and energy across diverse settings, whether in a bustling city or a Mediterranean escape.


Bagatelle is dedicated to a clientele of epicureans seeking the pleasures of life: eating good food, drinking good wine, popping champagne, and having the best time while doing it. Sharing festive moments of

joie de vivre around our tables


Enjoying a brunch, lunch or dinner at Bagatelle is like being invited in the home and to the table of an epicurean bon vivant from the French Riviera.

The food on the table is sophisticated, generous, and authentic. All dishes on the table are meant to be shared with family and friends, in a festive and convivial atmosphere.

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Bagatelle Athens
Astir Marina – Vouliagmeni, Athens



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