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Astir Marina is dedicated to leading the maritime industry in sustainability and ecological responsibility. By integrating innovative practices and technologies, Astir Marina not only offers luxurious amenities but also prioritizes the preservation of the natural environment. Below are key initiatives and measures that highlight Astir Marina's commitment to sustainability:

  • Green Infrastructure: Incorporation of planted roofs, vegetated areas, and green spaces to enhance biodiversity and create natural habitats for local wildlife.

  • Native Vegetation: Use of native and drought-resistant plants to reduce water consumption and promote local biodiversity.

  • Renewable Energy: Implementation of geothermal HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon footprint.

  • Sustainable Building Materials: Use of locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials in construction.

  • Efficient Water Use: Water-efficient irrigation techniques, leak detection, and use of hardscape materials that require minimal water for cleaning.

  • Energy Optimization: Adoption of Dali lighting systems and Building Management Systems (BMS) to optimize energy use and improve efficiency.

  • Waste Management: Comprehensive recycling programs, collaboration with local municipalities, and encouragement of eco-friendly practices among businesses.

  • Community Engagement: Active participation in local environmental initiatives and promotion of sustainable practices among visitors and staff.

  • Health and Safety: On-site antipollution systems, infirmary, safety equipment, clear safety signage, and trained security personnel.

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