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Your One-stop Solution for Exquisite Food and Drinks Onboard

Driven by excellence and customer satisfaction, IPIROTISSA is the ultimate destination for impeccable food & drink shopping experiences.


As the city's premier supplier our luxurious food and drink market is a haven for taste enthusiasts seeking extraordinary flavours and exquisite experiences. From a carefully curated selection of premium products sourced from around the globe, to an extensive range of pastry products, artisanal bread and desserts that follow the art of French pastry – atIPIROTISSA we are sourcing and producing the best quality.

With years of dedicated service and an impeccable track record in catering to selected yachts, we are expanding our services to meet the needs of even more yacht owners and charter companies by introducing a comprehensive and convenient solution for all your yacht provisioning needs. 




Our team of experts curates a wide range of high-quality food supplies and exquisite ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and an extensive collection of premium wines and spirits. Whether you're looking for gourmet delicacies or everyday essentials, we have it all. 


By choosing IPIROTISSA as your trusted partner, you can say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors. As a one-stop shop for yacht provisioning services, we streamline the entire process, saving you valuable time and effort. 


Join countless satisfied yacht owners and captains who have already experienced the convenience and quality of our services.


Trust IPIROTISSA and enjoy personalized assistance to ensure that your provisioning needs are met exactly as per your specifications.



Astir Marina - Vouliagmeni



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